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"One life to live
One love to give
One chance to keep from falling
One heart to break
One soul to take us
Not for sake us
Only One"

Tonight would be the last time, last time together. They'd promised each other their love would be forever, yet here they were. They would share their love one final time tonight, one last time their bodies would become one. All of this before seperating forever!

Bill's hands shook, he was broken and they hadn't even shared the last goodbye yet. He tried to calm himself, tried to chase the dark thoughts away – failling miserablely.
Bill tried to keep the facade and slowly let his fingers travel down his lovers naked torso, pinching his nipples causing his lover to moan his name.

"Mmm, Bill"

Bill decided it was time to move further, this was not about romance and being sweet. This was about love and passion. His last chance to witness true love making, his last change to feel real love.

He let his hands wander downwards, meeting the edge of his lovers jeans. Fumbling a bit he finally got them opened and slid them down before forcing his lovers boxers the same way.

Not wasting anytime his moved down and took his lovers cock into his warm mouth, making him moan. Bill enjoyed having this kind of power, he could turn any man into goo just by a simple lick on the head of their penis. Quickly fumbling with his own jeans, he yanked them down in one swift motion along with his boxers.

"Mmm you taste so good" Bill mumbled around the cock in his mouth, making his lover shudder and moan low in his throat.

"Mhmm, fuck"

Bill took more of the cock into his mouth, making sure to suck and lick just the way he knew his lover liked it. He pressed his tongue piercing to the vein running along the underside of the cock, making his partner moan again and buck his hips.

"Fuck, warn a guy!" His lover said.

Bill felt hands on his arms before feeling himself being pulled upwards, now facing his lover. His lover kissed him slowly on the lips, licking Bill's bottom lip – asking for entrance which he of course got granted.

His kisses always blew his mind, they always left Bill speechless and out of breath. The kisses made him forget everything and anything that was hurting his soul, they almost hypnotized him.

His lovers hands travelled down to Bill's nipples, pinching them slighty.

"Mmhm, so good!" Bill moaned and closed his eyes.

The hands soon began a journey taking them lower and lower, indicating Bill's lover wanted to move a little further now than just kissing and fumbling.

Slowly stroking Bill's cock he let one hand travel lower, finding his entrance. Bill knew it was time, he knew this couldn't be prolonged anymore. They would become one for the last time.

His lover made sure to prepare Bill before slowly claiming him one last time. Their sweaty bodies becoming one, sweet words were moaned softly. Almost like they were afraid someone would hear. Bill couldn't stop his tears now, he was so close, but he just couldn't finish, not this soon. It would mean it was over, all over.

It would mean he was all alone. Left to himself and his dark thoughts.

"My eyes are painted red
The canvas of my soul,
Slowly breaking down, again"

His lover tried to calm him down by giving him butterfly kisses all over his face, holding that said face in his hands, staring right into Bill's eyes, telling him the words he couldn't say

"I love you"

Bill was mere seconds from coming, he could feel it and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He became hysterical, crying his eyes out, clinging to the person moving above him. Bill let himself move over the edge, coming messily between their bodies. He turned his face to the side, refusing to face his lover, it would just make the goodbye harder. He felt the person above him stiften and felt the warmth speading through him, indicating his lovers was done.

Bill pushed the body away, quickly running for the bathroom, he felt sick. This was not what he had thought it would be like. He felt used, unloved and alone. He turned on the shower and placed himself on the floor under the spray. He had to get him off of himself.

He shook and cried even more. "Why me?" He whispered to himself.

It wasn't long after that Bill heard the sound of a door opening and closing, indicating his lover had left for the last time.

"You say you want it all
But whose side you fighting for?
I sit and wonder why
There are nights, we sleep, while others they weep
With regret, repent, be strong"

Bill left the bathroom, still soaking wet. He had no desire to dry himself off. He entered his room, scanning it to see if he had left anything behind, a note, a shirt, anything really, but there was nothing to be found.

He quickly walked to the bed and laid down - it still smelled like him. He burried his face in the pillows, pulling a thin blanket over his fragile frame, inhaling the smells of him, of their love that once were.

Sighing he closed his eyes, how could he live without him? How could he live without "The Only One"? - He simply couldn't.

Shaking violently, he rose from the bed to search for the only meaning left in his life.
Holding the item in his hands he went back to the messy white bed, this was it.

"When will we see the end?
Of the days, we bleed for what we need
To forgive, forget, move on"

The white bed soon became blood red.

"One life to live
One love to give
One chance to keep from falling
One heart to break
One soul to take us
Not for sake us,
Only one"
First ever fanfiction written on my own o__o


I do not own any of the characters portraited in this story, I only own the plot/storyline.

Song: Only One by Alex Band
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