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David slowly opened his eyes.
He had been woken by a soft whimpering coming from beside him. He slowly turned and saw the almost naked form of the dark-haired beauty and he noticed that he had ,once again, hogged all the blankets.

"No wonder he's whimpering" David thought.

Smiling, he slowly pulled the blankets away from himself and wrapped them around Bill, careful not to wake him. Bill stopped whimpering and let out a satisfied sigh before turning a bit.
David couldn't stop smiling, Bill was just so cute when he was sleeping. Almost like a small child or a puppy. He slowly rose from the bed, still making sure not to wake the other man.

Today was the first day of December and David was excited to finally be able to share it with someone other than his cat and family. He had prepared for this day and month for a long time, ever since Bill had moved in 6 months ago. He smiled at the memories of the big moving day.  

~ ● ~

"Bill was flailing all over the place.

"What if I've forgotten something?!" Bill asked before going through every box for the 7th time.

"Stop worrying, Angel. If you've mysteriously forgotten something we'll drive back and get it." David said while laughing a bit and continued stacking the boxes into the van

"But... What if it's something important, like my toothbrush or..." Bill stopped and blushed. He knew he sounded silly"

~ ● ~

"Thinking again, are we now?" Bill smirked, completely taking David by surprise.

"Ey don't scare an old man like that." He said while grabbing his chest to add a bit of drama.

"You're not old." Bill stated, inching closer to the older guy, almost looking like a feline on the hunt

"Maybe not, but I'm not young either." David said with a fake sigh.

Bill silenced him by straddling his lap and kissing him deeply; folding his arms around Davids neck.

"Mmm. Why are you even up? I didn't wake you, did I?" David said before being muffled by Bill's lips once again.

"Nnhgn. No you didn't, but something else did" Bill smirked before pressing his pelvis to the older mans.

"Oh I see, something you need help with?" David asked with a smirk.

"Well since you offer, please?" Bill said, faking innocence.

David growled low and quickly made Bill lay down on the couch before covering his body with his  own, thrusting his bulge against the younger boys, making him whimper.

"Please, I need you" Bill whimpered softly, looking up at David with big brown puppyeyes.

"I thought we agreed on waiting?" David asked, seriousness clearly evident in his voice.

"But I'm ready, please" Bill begged, while clinging to David.

"No, you're just horny. I want it to be special. This is a huge thing, it's just not something to get out of the way" David said while stroking Bill's left cheek with his hand.

Bill sighed, knowing his boyfriend was right.

"But it doesn't mean we can't have a little fun" David said with a smirk, slowly kissing a trail down Bill's neck making the younger boy shudder.

David started lifting Bill's shirt, pulling it completely off of the ravenhaired beauty.
He started to kiss from where he'd left off, slowly trailing down to Bill's right nipple, taking it in his mouth and sucking, making the boy beneath him moan softly.

He smiled a bit before flicking his tongue over the erect nub, making sure to press a bit down on it and slowly switching to the other nipple. He began playing with the nipple piercing, knowing it was something that drove the other man insane.

David gently bit down before sucking the ring and nub into his mouth, making sure to use his tongue to tease the nub as well. Bill to moaned loudly and pushed his hips up, creating much needed attention to his lower region.

"Mmhm, fuck David" Bill moaned, clawing at the couch.

David smirked around the nipple in his mouth and began to kiss down his boyfriends stomach, making sure to use his tongue once in a while. Coming to a halt when he reached Bill's boxers. He looked up at Bill, almost like asking permission if he could remove them.

"Pleeeease, I'm close to exploding" Bill begged and whined.

"Now I can't have that, can I?" David's mouth turned into a slight smirk. He slowly reached for the elastic-band with his hands.

"Stop teasing!" Bill pouted.

"I'm not teasing, I'm just taking my time – enjoying the view I might ad" David said while peeling off the offending piece of clothing that was confining Bill's erect manhood.

Bill sighed in relief and shuddered a bit when he felt a hand slowly trailing up his leg.

"You look so good like this, all needy" David mumbled while kissing up Bill's leg, quickly reaching his thigh. He caused a low moan to leave the younger boys mouth.

"I do nooot" Bill whined and blushed before speading his legs apart more, giving David a full view of everything.

David looked up at Bill making sure he was watching before lowering his mouth around his boyfriends cock, making the younger boy buck up. David just pulled back a little, knowing this would happen. He began to bob his head, slowly at first, but increasing the speed quickly.

Bill tried bucking his hips again, but failed because David was holding them down, making sure he was the one in control.

"David.." Bill started but failed to continue.

David smirked, knowing the younger boy was so close yet he needed more.
He pulled off of the ravenhaired boy, quickly sucking in a finger making sure to make it as wet as possible before slowly trailing it behind Bill's balls to his entrance.

While he circled Bill's entrance he put his mouth to use again.
He sucked the younger boy into his mouth. He felt Bill relax and pushed the digit in slowly, making sure not to hurt him.

"Nngn, fuck! So close" Bill moaned loudly arching his back. The new angle made the digit press firmly against his prostate.

David hummed and continued what he was doing, knowing Bill would come in mere seconds. He could feel it, feel how the flesh in his mouth was getting even bigger and how it seemed like Bill was vibrating from sheer pleasure.

"David!" Bill yelled as he came in his boyfriend's awaiting mouth.

David pulled off and swallowed, smiling when he saw Bill laying all boneless. He looked so cute when he was coming down from an orgasm. That cute little smile he had on his lips and the rosy colour on his cheeks, it just made him adorable and irrisitable to David.

David quickly rose from where he had been kneeling and inched closer to Bill, kissing him softly.

"Mmm. So good" Bill mumbled and kissed back.

"Glad I could help" David said in return, biting Bill's lower lips softly.

"I should wake up like this more often" Bill said smirking. He moving a hand down his boyfriends stomach and quickly reached the belt holding his pants in place.

"Don't, this was all for you" David said before continuing, "How about I go make waffles?"

Bill pouted "Oh alright, waffles sounds good."

David rose from the couch and walked to the kitchen, humming a melody unfamiliar to Bill.
Sounds could be heard from the kitchen while David got all the things he needed to make the batter, he wondered if he should make them with chocolate chips or not.

"Do you want them plain or with chocolate chips?" He shouted from the kitchen to Bill.

"You don't have to yell, but plain please. That way I can cover them in chocolate myself" Bill said having walked to the kitchen door. "Mind if I take a shower, I'm all sticky" Bill continued, gesturing to his come covered body.

"Take as long as you need, I need to cook these anyway." David said, inching closer to Bill and kissing him softly on the lips.

"I won't be long" Bill said before rushing to the bathroom.

David smiled a bit before turning his attention back to making the batter for the waffles. "Plain it is" he thought to himself before getting the last things he needed and the waffle-iron.
Quickly mixing the ingridients, he began humming the same melody again. He was so excited and nervous about the first present he was going to give to Bill.

"What if he doesn't like it? Maybe it was stupid, but then again Bill does like music" David thought while pouring the batter in to make the first waffle.

David began singing, making sure to check on the waffles from time to time. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, losing himself in his thoughts and the smell of vanilla coming from the waffles.

"Mmhm, it smells delicious" Bill said before continuing "I'm so hungry"

David looked up quickly, "Already done?" He said with a slight grin.

"I told you I wouldn't be long. Besides I was all alone, not fun at all" Bill said with a fake pout.

"Aaw my poor baby had to take a shower all alone" David said in a sweet voice, grinning.
"So what do you want along with the waffles? Berries maybe?" David asked before getting two plates out.

"Berries sound wonderful" Bill said with a smile.

David arranged the waffles and berries on the plates and carried them to the small kitchen table where they would normally eat.

Bill almost drooled at the sight of the waffles and berries, damn it looked delicious. He began wondering were David had gotten the berries from, since it wasn't something you'd normally find in Germany in December.

"I got them from the restaurant down the street, you know the one with all the berry-recipes." David said before Bill even had time to ask.

"You spoil me" Bill said, blushing a bit and dug into his breakfast.

"Anything for you, my angel" David said before turning his attention to the waffles as well.

They ate in silence, but not in an awkward silence. This was the kind of silence where you'd just concentrate on the food and hear your breathing sync with your loved ones. The atmosphere was filled with love and adoration as they ate the last of the waffles.

Bill hummed satisfied, glancing over at David.
"How did I even get this lucky?" Bill thought.
He had never been one to find the right guys, but David was just so good to him – good for him.

Bill remembered when he'd met him for the first time, he had known from the first glance that he was The One. David had been such a gentleman, not just trying some cheesy pick-up line to get Bill into his bed. No, he had asked if he could join him for a drink and Bill had, of course,  agreed.
They had chatted for hours and when it had been time for Bill to go home, David had kissed his hand and asked for a date with him the night after. Bill had been too awestruck to answer, so he had just nodded, scribbling down his phonenumber on a napkin andhanding it to David before walking home.

~ ● ~

"Why didn't I just say yes, god I'm such an idiot. He's never gonna call" Bill thought when he got home, clearly remembering how he had just nodded. He blushed.

He flopped down on his bed head first, groaning. It was just typical him, making a fool out of himself. At least he hadn't stuttered like he usually did.

"Ich geh' mit dir wohin du willst..." Bill's phone was ringing.

He pulled it out his phone, seeing a number he didn't recognize. "Who could that be?" He wondered before picking up.

"Hello Bill, it's David"
"Ehm.. Hello" Bill said, blushing even though no one could see him.

"You left so quickly so I thought I'd call you now. I hope I didn't wake you" David said.

"Sorry about that, I have a curfew and you didn't wake me" Bill said in a low mumble, scared he might wake his mother.

"Oh I see, still living at home?" David asked, clearly amused.

"Y.. Yes. I can't afford to live on my own just yet" Bill said, clearly embarrassed.
How immature he felt for still living home. David would just hang up he was sure of it. No grown man like him would be interested in someone like Bill, no way.

"Hey, it's fine. I completely understand. So, still up for that date?" David asked in a loving voice before continuing."I'll take you to a nice restaurant, candle light dinner, a good glass of wine, some good music. What do you say?"

"I'd love to, pick me up at 7.30?" Bill said, smiling wide.

"Sure thing princess, but I'll need your address" David said, a smirk evident in his voice

~ ● ~

"Earth to Bill" David said, waving his hand in front of the younger boy.

"Huh?" Bill said, still dazed by the memory of planning their first date. The first phonecall of many.

"You looked and still look completely dazed, smitten almost" David said, flashing a knowing smile.

"Oh, sorry I just remembered back to how we met" Bill said, blushing a fine shade of pink.
"Why did you even ask me out?" He continued.

"Because you were you, no fakeness, no games, just you." David said, slowly inching closer and kissing his boyfriend softly, making Bill flutter his eyes shut.

Bill mumbled something incoherently against the older mans lips. His kisses always left Bill breathless and with this most amazing feeling in his stomach. He could feel the love and adoration David felt for him, just by the mere touch of their lips.
When they kissed it was like nothing else existed, like time stood still.

David pulled away slightly before saying, "We'd better get ready or we'll be late for the family lunch"

"Oh my god! I totally forgot about that" Bill said, almost wanting to slap himself for forgetting.

"It's alright, good thing you have me to remember things for you" David said with a smirk plastered on his face.

David quickly rose to his feet, pulling Bill with him and led him to their bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, Bill almost ran to his walk in closet, rumaging through all of his clothes trying franctically to find the perfect outfit.
This was important, it was his first 1st of December being David's partner and he knew David's family made a great deal out of this day.

David chuckled from the other side of the room, already dressed in a black Hugo Boss suit, black dress-shirt and a red tie. He slowly walked closer to Bill, pulling him back from the closet.

"Just calm down" David whispered into his ear before continuing "they already love you, so no need to be stressed or nervous."

"But this is not a normal family lunch, this actually means something" Bill sighed. How could he relax, when he was about to become a real part of David's family?

David spun him around and kissed him, silencing the protest clearly coming from the younger male.
"Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in, just don't stress" David said lowly

Bill sighed again, he knew David was right.
Closing his eyes, he kissed David one last time, before signaling to him to leave the room so he could get ready.

An hour later,  Bill was finally done.

"I'm done now, lets go." Bill said happily, clapping his hands in excitement. His nervousness had disappeared once he had found the perfect outfit.

"Finally. I was beginning to think you were lost." David said as he rose from the couch, smiling when he saw how wonderful his boyfriend looked.

"Tsk, keep dreaming. Besides it's not my fault the closet is big." Bill said, with fake hurt in his voice.

"Not your fault, but I didn't hear you complain either." David said walking  up to Bill and flicking his nose with his finger.
"Now come on Princess. We need to hurry" David spoke up as he helped Bill put on his coat. Draping his own over his left arm, before grabbing Bill's right hand with his and dragging him to the door.

David opened the door and let Bill go out first, as the gentleman he was, closing the door behind them making sure to lock it before pressing the "open" button on his car keys. Hearing the 'bip'-sound he walked over to the passenger side, opening the door for Bill before entering the car himself, turning up the heat as he set to leave the driveway.

Bill clapped his hands excitedly when he saw David's parents house in front of them.
"We're here!" he said in an almost childish voice.

"We are indeed" David replied, before driving into the driveway and quickly turning off the engine. He exited the car, quickly moving to the passenger side again and opening the door for Bill.

"Come on, lets get inside before we freeze to death." David smiled, offering Bill his right hand.

Bill just smiled, nerves hitting him again or maybe not nerves, just a slight feeling of butterflies fluttering in his stomache. He knew David's family adored him, there was nothing to be scared about. He had met them countless of times, yet this was a bit different. This was more special in a way.

They reached the frontdoor and rung the doorbell. They waited.

"They are here!" Could be heard from inside, it had to be David's nieces. They were always so excited to see their uncle and his so called 'young meat'. Bill adored small children and especially those two. They were well behaved, yet girlish and just what a child at the age of 10 should be like; free and uncaring.

The door opened and out came the two girls, jumping into the arms of David and Bill. Now Bill might have looked weak, but he was stronger than one should think so catching and holding one of the girls in his arms was no problem.

"Well hello to you two, too." Bill and David said in unison, laughing a bit at how cute the girls looked in identical green dresses. Carrying them inside, they said hello to David's sister and let the two girls down before walking into the livingroom, greeting David's parents with hugs and kisses.

"It's so good to see you both." Hans said with a huge smile.

They chatted for the while, just talking about random things, waiting for the last dishes to be done before gathering around the huge dinning room table.

"Now I hope you're all hungry." Sabine said as she motioned all to sit down.

"It looks absolutely delicious." Bill said, already filling his plate with lots of different food.

"Thank you dear, I hope you like it all." Sabine said with a smile, glancing over at David.

"I'm sure I will." Bill said, before stuffing his mouth with food.

They all chuckeled a bit at how eager Bill was. He almost looked like a squirrel with its mouth full of nuts. Bill hummed happily to himself while eating, glancing over at David from time to time, noticing the way David was just gazing at him all lovingly.

They continued the lunch, small talking a bit. Nothing to thrilling, but it felt amazing to Bill. Just being a part of a family, something he had never had himself. He could feel the love surrounding them all and he felt at home, like he belonged there, by David's side.

Hours later they were done with the lunch. The food had been amazing and both David and Bill were about to burst from having eaten too much.

"The lunch was absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for inviting me. I had a truly wonderful time." Bill said, before hugging Sabine a final time and following David out the door.

Bill yawned inside the car, adjusting his position slightly and then falling into a slumber.
David smiled at how adorable Bill looked, sleeping soundly on the passenger seat.

The day had been perfect so far, now he was just thrilled to give Bill his first present of many. He just hoped Bill would like it. It was nothing expensive, but he had really given it some thought. He knew music was something his boyfriend enjoyed so he had decided to make him a cd with love songs, 24 to be exact – one for each day of Christmas.

But these songs weren't just love songs.
They were songs that described his feelings towards Bill. How much he loved him and how much he cherished having him by his side every day.

David parked the car in the driveway, and quietly got out of the car without waking Bill, before opening the passenger door and lifted Bill into his arms, carrying him inside. Bill whimpered a bit, but stayed asleep, clinging slightly to the older man.

David couldn't help but smile at how cute Bill was once again. He walked up to the bedroom, softly laying the other male on the bed. He reached out a hand to stroke Bill's cheek, trying to wake him up in the gentlest of ways.

"Angel, we're home." David said in a low loving voice, still stroking Bill's cheek.

"Mmm." Was all Bill said before fluttering his eyes open, "Did you carry me here?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes. You were just too cute, couldn't help it" David said, smiling down at his Angel.
"I was hoping you might be up for a little surprise?" He asked, straightening his back and moving towards the other side of the bed.

David retrieved a carefully wrapped box containing the cd he had burned weeks ago. He smiled, trying to hide his nerves a bit. He walked to where Bill was laying and slowly sat down on the bed, facing the younger male.

"This is for you" He said, strectching his arm out to hand Bill the box. "And happy 1st of December." He continue, looking down at their now joined hands.

"For me?" Bill asked, still dazed from his slumber. He sat up on the bed and slowly unwrapped the box, careful not to tear the adorable paper too much. He gasped when he saw what was inside. Not only did it contain a cd with a hand drawn picture on the cover, it also contained a beautiful black watch.

"Read the inscription." David said softly.
Bill slowly turned the watch and read it –  "My Angel, the love of my life."
Bill couldn't stop the tear leaving his eye. "I love you." He whispered, slowly gazing up at David. "It's absolutely stunning." He continued, slowly leaning forward to kiss the older man lovingly on the lips.

"I love you too" David mumbled against the lips connected with his own. He pulled back after a few seconds, smiling when he saw the light blush on Bill's cheeks.
"I have to explain the cd a bit. It contains 24 songs, one for each day of Christmas and the lyrics describes my feelings for you and I drew the cover myself, it's supposed to be you as an angel" David explained, slowly taking the cd.

"Let me play the first song for you, before midnight arrives" He smiled, rising from the bed and walking over to the stereo. The first song started and when the chorus came, David started singing along softly.

"Every time I look at you, baby, I see something new
That takes me higher than before and makes me want you more
I don't wanna sleep tonight, dreamin's just a waste of time
When I look at what my life's been comin' to
I'm all about lovin' you"

The song ended and David quickly shut the stereo off, making sure Bill didn't hear the beginning of the next song.
That was for tomorrow, not tonight.

Bill stared lovingly at David. "I don't know what to say." He said, clearly stunned by the lyrics of the song. A small tear left his eye again and he quickly wiped it away.
"It was beautiful, you mean just as much to me." Bill said, kissing David again.

"I know, Princess." The older male mumbled. "Lets get ready for bed, shall we?"
Pairing: Bill Kaulitz/David Jost
Rating: NC-17


I do NOT own any of the characters portraited in this story, I only own the plot/storyline.
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